At Circular&Co., we're dedicated to driving global change by establishing Circular Design as the new norm. Together, let's create a world without waste - a limitless, sustainable future.

We embrace a transformative approach to sustainability. Through the innovative use of recycled materials in our product manufacturing, we not only create items that are fully recyclable but also establish a continuous cycle. This practice significantly reduces CO2 emissions, conserves the earth’s precious resources, and reduces pollution—thus addressing the fundamental environmental challenges confronting humanity.

By aligning with us in our pursuit of a circular economy, you can take these meaningful strides with us, towards a sustainable future.

In order to combat ocean pollution and environmental degradation caused by waste, we breathe new life into single-use materials. Our mission involves upcycling these materials in order to craft durable products designed for an extended lifespan. When our products reach the end of their use, they are fully recyclable, ensuring the perpetuation of the cycle.

Circular Design: the key to a sustainable future.

What can you do?

The Circular Checklist.

Choose Recycled. Cherish Longevity. Check Recyclable.

We all have the power to make our own choices, even when faced with challenges. If the products you’re seeing don’t align with your circular checklist, you can simply turn the page. There’s always another page, and you get to decide what happens next!


Be The Change.

The real legacy of a company lies in the story of its products.

Since 2003, we’ve collaborated with a network of industry experts to create genuine circular solutions. As environmental concerns continue to grow, it’s time to share our experience with the world.


Inspired By Solutions.

Almost everything can be used in several ways, and everything is valuable.

Designers, like us, can make a big difference. The things we create can have a positive or negative impact. We’re all familiar with current environmental issues. What’s important now is finding ways to fix them.


Our Vision.

The Future is Circular.

We support a circular way of living. This means we want people to think about where their things come from, how long they will last, and what will happen to them next.

Circular Design Can Change The World.

A new era of product design has begun.
An exciting and necessary age of circular design, in which waste is an opportunity and materials are infinitely valuable.

There is no silver bullet solution to the current environmental crisis – but we’re taking positive action and we know it’s a journey. For organisations, businesses and individuals, it’s a global movement to breakdown our throwaway culture; nothing has a single purpose and everything has a value. We believe consumers can start to play an important role right now by following a few simple rules next time they shop. We think of it as a circular buying checklist: Choose Recycled, Cherish Longevity, Check Recyclable.

We firmly believe that our future must be circular.

Dan Dicker – Founder & Managing Director

It is a long term solution.