Why is my Circular Cup Leaking?

The most likely reason your Circular Cup lid is leaking will be down to the positioning of the seals. Click here to see the seal replacement guide.

Why is my lid not working, or getting stuck?

If your lid isn’t working and you have a drink in it, it may be down to a steam build up. Carefully remover the lid to relieve the pressure.

If the cup does not have liquid in it, it may have a manufacturing fault or have suffered a drop. Please contact your retailer for help.

How do I clean my seals?

You can detach the inner seals from the plunger to clean them, to reattach them place the rimmed edge of the seal upside down and then loop the seal around the plunger. Then adjust the seal until it sits comfortably in place.

How do I put the button back on?

If you can’t get the button back on simply put the main part of the lid on a flat surface and then firmly apply pressure to the grey disc until you hear it pop on!

Can I put my Circular Cup in the microwave?

No, you cannot! There are metal parts in the lid, so we don’t recommend microwaving our cups – ever.

Can I put my Circular Cup in the dishwasher?

Yes you can, but top shelf only. Make sure you click the lid open first!

Does the Circular Cup contain melamine or BPA?

Circular Cup’s are melamine and BPA free. We took a great deal of care to ensure the Circular Cup is held to strict safety levels and our own very high standards.

Are the lids the same size on 8oz and 12oz Circular Cups?

Yes, they are. In fact we would love to see you mix and match your lids!

How do I recycle my Circular Cup (or rCUP)?

Firstly, to do everything possible to help you extend the life of your Circular Cup – we have a selection of spare parts here at Circular&Co. If the seals of your cup eventually degrade and leak, If the mechanism fails, just send us an email and we can supply you with a new lid. If your cup does eventually need recycling then it is designed to go in your curbside collection. These facilities differ greatly between countries and local authorities, therefore if you are unsure what can be accepted in your area, the best way to ensure 100% recovery is through our takeback promise.

How long should my Circular Cup keep drinks hot for?

In most cases your Circular Cup will keep your drink warm for between 60-90 minutes – plenty of time, even for the most slow-supping coffee drinker. Not bad. This is far, far longer than any disposable coffee cup. And for at least as long as any comparable reusable coffee cup on the market. And, generally speaking we found that Circular Cup loses about 10° C of heat for every 30 minutes.
Something to watch out for though is that a freshly made latte will often vary in temperature – even starting from as low as 50° C. So check your latte. If it comes lukewarm, tell your Barista. Or drink with relative haste.
And while we don’t wish to preach the obvious, because Circular Cup is so easy to open and close, you should always keep your Circular Cup shut when you’re not drinking, to help your drink stay warmer for that little bit longer.


How to replace your Circular Cup seal?

How to clean the lid of your Circular Cup?

Learn the various parts of your Circular Cup


Product warranty

Firstly, our priority is to extend the lifetime of your product as much as possible. We can supply you with spare parts, such as seals or lids, for your product to ensure you enjoy them as long as possible. Is your product damaged beyond repair or is there a possibility of a manufacturing flaw, please reach out to us.

Spare parts

We believe that your products should be enjoyed by you as long as possible. If you encounter any issues with your products please let us know. We can supply you with spare parts, such as seals or lids, to replace your original items.

Our takeback promise

All Circular&Co. products are designed for longevity and we provide support to repair them where we can but eventually, your products may need to be recycled as they reach the end of their life. To make sure we capture as many resources as possible we have developed our Takeback Scheme to give these materials their next lease of life.


Which countries do you deliver to?

We deliver our products to most European countries. In the shopping cart you can see if your country is included.

What is the delivery time of my order?

We aim to dispatch orders within 1-2 working days (Monday till Friday) of payment. You will receive a track and trace code so you can follow your order as it travels. When the order arrives depends on the country of delivery. If you would like an estimated delivery time in advance, let us know and we’ll look it up for you.

What are the delivery costs?

Shipping costs depend on the destination country and are calculated in the shopping cart based on your delivery address before checkout.

Can I return my order?

We hope that you are delighted with your purchase from Circular&Co. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please let us know within 14 days and we will be happy to provide an exchange or refund. All returned items for exchange of refund must be in their original, unused condition.

Find everything you need to know about returns and refunds on our delivery and returns page.


Can I put my NOW Cup in the dishwasher?

The NOW cup is dishwasher safe.

How do I recycle my NOW Cup?

The NOW cup is designed to replace paper takeaway cups and are 100% recyclable.

How long will my NOW Cup last?

Made from recycled single-use paper cups and designed for 5 years use.

What is my NOW Cup made from?

The NOW Cups is made from recycled single-use paper cups.