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Circular Cup at your workplace?

Circular&Co. is on a mission to inspire and educate everyone about circular design. We are all becoming more and more aware of the necessity for circular design. The Circular Cup, the world's first cup made from recycled coffee cups, is just the beginning. Will you join us? Check out the options to start with the circular cups at your company.
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The benefits of the Circular Cup

Products are only truly circular if they can be fully recycled.

All our products, including the Circular Cup, are designed to be fully recyclable. After its 10-year lifespan, the Circular Cup can easily be returned to raw materials. By using what we already have, we together eliminate waste and pollution.
Made from coffee cups.

The Circular Cup owes its existence to your old disposable coffee cup. We limit the use of new resources to an absolute minimum.
Significant reduction in waste (costs).

Using a reusable coffee cup saves single-use packaging. The Circular Cup results in a 60% savings on disposable coffee cups. Reusable cups = less waste = lower waste costs.
The Circular Cup is the sustainable cup for the office and on the go

Bring your own

What is bring your own?

As you’ve already read above, the Circular Cup brings many benefits, making it highly suitable for a bring your own policy. This means that as an organization, you provide this cup to all your employees. As a result, employees can use the reusable to-go cup both in the office and on the go.

Why make the switch?

There are two main reasons for an organization to move from single-use plastics to a reusable alternative:

  1. Accelerating Sustainability – Contributing to 100% circular business operations.
  2. The European Single-Use Plastic Directive (SUP Directive) – Paper coffee cups fall under this legislation due to having plastic coating and/or other coating of non-natural polymers.

For more information on the bring your own policy? Download the free brochure via the button.

coffee cup on to go

Our circular cups at your office

Your investment recouped within a year.

The Circular Cup has a lifespan of 10 years. Over its lifetime, you save hundreds of euros on single-use packaging. A box of 1000 coffee cups (for one employee per year), for example, costs you about 30 euros. Our alternative, the Circular Cup, costs less than half of that. This way, you save money and resources at the same time.

Create enthusiastic and engaged employees.

By providing employees with their own reusable cups, they see the employer’s commitment to circularity. It’s also an important sign of appreciation towards the employees. You clearly show that you value and support their efforts for the environment. From a hygiene perspective, having their own cup is a plus for many employees.

Customize the cup as business card.

Our cups are already unique due to the material used, the different color combinations, and the sizes. By personalizing the cup, you make it completely finished and unique! Your own name, logo, or image, everything is possible. And at the end of the cup’s life? Then return the cup to us for recycling!

Start with circular cups at your office.

Will you join our mission?

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